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Lift Control Cable(Sisal Cord Core)


Theses cables are designed for use with cathodic systems protecting against galvanic and electrolytic corrosion of metallic objects such as underground pipelines, tanks and other buried or submerged metallic structures.

HMWPE cathodic protection cable utilizes stranded copper conductors that are insulated with a high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) compound that provides strong resistance to abrasion, crushing, chemicals, oil, moisture and other elements.


Conductor Bare copper strands acc. to IEC 60228, EN 60228, DIN VDE 0295, class 6.
Insulation Special PVC.
Colour code Black cores with consecutive numbers acc. to EN 50334 and green-yellow earth wire.
Strain relief Sisal cord.
Stranding Sisal cord as core, optimized twisting of the conductors in layers.
Wrapping Non-woven tape on each layer with overlap wrapping.
Supporting braid Special torsion protecting net.
Sheath material Special PVC.
Sheath colour Black.


No. Of cores x cross section Nominal overall diameter Cable weight
n x mm² mm kg/km
5x1.0 11.1 150
7x1.0 11.6 179
9x1.0 13.0 226
12x1.0 15.4 308
18x1.0 20.7 480
24x1.0 20.7 549
30x1.0 21.9 653
12x1.0 18.2 419
52x1.0 34.3 1712
12x1.0 23.4 688