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Armored LSZH Sheathed Composite Elevator Cable (3x1.5 Cable + Cat5e SF/UTP)


These cables are designed for installations in elevators, dumbwaiters, personnel, and material hoists.


3x1.5 Cable + Cat5e SF/UTP

Cat 5e SF/UTP (*Cat 5e U/UTP, F/UTP also available upon request)

Cat 5e SF/UTP
Conductor 24 AWG solid plain copper.
Insulation PE material. Nominal diameter is 1.0mm.
Insulation Color White-orange,Orange; White-blue,Blue; White-green,Green; White-brown,Brown.
Screen Alumminum tape & tinned copper wire braided.
Sheath PE sheath. Nominal overall diameter is 6.8 mm.
Sheath Color Black or Grey or Blue.

3x1.5mm² Cable

Conductor 1.5mm² Stranded copper wire.
Insulation PVC. Nominal diameter 3.0mm.
Insulation Color Red,Yellow,Blue. Other color also available upon request.

Element Assembly

Filler PP material.
Inner Sheath LSZH, thickness 1.0 mm.
Armor Steel wire braid, dia. 0.2mm.
Outer Sheath LSZH, thickness 1.8mm.
Sheath Color Black.

Electrical and Physical Properties@20°C

Operating Temperature -20°C/+90°C

Cat5e SF/UTP

Electrical Resistance 93.8 Ohm/km
Insulation Resistance ≥5000 MOhm/km

3C1.5mm² Cable

Electrical Resistance 12.3Ohm/km
Insulation Resistance ≥5000 MOhm/km

Fire Performance

Low Smoke Capacity IEC61034-1/2
Halogen Free IEC60754-1/2
Flame Propagation IEC60332-3-22