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Composite Cables

Cat3e+3x16AWG Power Cable LSZH Sheathed Unarmored Composite Cable


Composite Cable

CAT3E 2x2x24AWG

Conductor 1/1.5mm Solid copper conductor
Insulation Polyethylene, nominal thickness 0.2mm
Insulation Color 1st Pair: Blue White / Blue Stripe
2nd Pair: Orange White / Orange Stripe
Overall screen 100% Al/polyester foil screen with 0.5mmsq tinned copper drain wire.
A 23 micron polyester tape is applied over the screening tape with a
minimum 25% overlap, Nominal outer diameter 3.15mm

3x16AWG Power Cable

Conductor 7/0.49mm wire
Insulation XLPE. Nominal thickness 0.6mm, overall diameter 2.7mm
Insulation Color Blue, Brown and Grey, or as per client's requirement

Element Assembly

Wrapping Tape Polyester tape or woven tape with PE or PP material filler(optional)
Outer Sheath LSZH, thickness 1.2mm, nominal outer diameter 10.6±2.0mm
Sheath Color Black.

Electrical and Physical Properties @20°C:

Power Cable

  • Temperature rating: -20 to +90 ℃
  • Minimum bending radius: 6 x Overall diameter
  • Nom. conductor resistance at 20 ℃:
  • Power core: ≤14.7Ohm/Km
  • Data core: ≤89.3 Ohm/Km
  • Rated voltage: 300V
  • Test voltage: 1000V

Bending radius:

  • Operating: 15×OD
  • Installation: 28×OD

Fire Performance:

  • Flame retardant: IEC60332 -1